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Storage method of hand hoist

When hand hoist is purchased, or if it is not used for a long time, it should be stored in storage. Before entering the warehouse, it is necessary to have a thorough and careful examination. What problems should be noted in the storage of hand hoist below?
1, check whether the chain hoist of hand hoist has excessive wear, corrosion, deformation and external damage.
2, check whether all rotating parts of hand hoist are flexible, and fasteners must not be loosened.
3. Check the wear and deformation of the hoist hook. There should be no harmful defects such as cracks, sharp corners, burrs, corrosion, warping and twisting.
4, do not keep in the condition of lifting / lowering.
5, encounter the need to repair the hand hoist, please use special identification to distinguish, in case the next misuse.
6. When storing, dirt and water droplets on the surface of the gourd should be wiped, and the hooks and the transmission parts shall be lubricated.
7, store the hand hoist in the dry place. When it is placed for a long time, it should be properly protected and properly protected.

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